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Why what you think you know about home inspections may be wrong.

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You’ve just got an offer accepted on the home of your dreams. You’ve been advised to hire an inspector to look at the home, but most people don’t understand the true scope of a home inspector.

Myth 1: Home Inspections are Code Inspections

Generally speaking, a home inspection is NOT a code inspection and has nothing to do with code enforcement (in Spokane County for that matter).  Home inspections are safety and maintenance inspections.  They identify safety and potentially hazardous items in the home, and documents future maintenance items that may need to be performed, or have been neglected over the life of the home.

I always cringe when I hear someone say “That house will never pass inspection,” as if a local municipality has to sign off on the sale of the home, but they don’t.  According to form 35 (Inspection Addendum in the Washington State Contract), a buyer, based on the outcome of their hired inspection, may chose one of three options:

  1. Accept the home as-is
  2. Request repairs (seller has the right to decline)
  3. Kill the transaction

Myth 2: All home inspectors are the same

Now with Washington’s stricter licensing guidelines for home inspectors, most are okay, however there are no standard hard-and-fast rules for inspectors to follow, other than the ASHI code of conduct.  They do not all inspect the same things, nor have the same qualifications.  Some are qualified to detect mold, others are not, some qualified for pest inspections, others sadly not.  When you are interviewing home inspectors it’s important to find out how many home inspections they do on average per year, what additional qualifications they have, and ask to see an example of their report so you can get an idea for how thorough and organized they are.

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