What does me being an ASP mean to you?

    asp_logoAn ASP is an Accredited Staging Professional.  ASP’s work with sellers to stage their home to strict industry standards making the home more presentable and saleable.

    Most of us have sold a car before.  We spend hours detailing and q-tipping the smallest areas.  We take all our personal CD’s out, photos of the kids off the spedometer dash, your leopard print seat covers are removed revealing a sparkling clean car sans your personal touches.

    That is very similar to what we do when we stage a home.  It’s quite common that people will detail their car more than they detail their home for sale.   Usually the word “Staging” strikes fear in sellers’ eyes.  “It’s going to be expensive,” many will say.  I say, “It doesn’t have to be.”  We can repurpose old items and remove unneeded items to make the home more presentable.  For the small investment of time and sometimes funds you must look at the Return on Staging Investment.

    Statistically, homes with staging have a shorter market time and in some cases sell for a higher price.  We’re simply removing your personal items so the potential buyer can imagine their belongings in your house, rather than being distracted by yours.

    Staging isn’t a replacement for pricing competitively, it’s just another tool in our arsenal to sell homes faster and for more money in a tough market.

    Want to know more?  Give me a call or shoot me an email.  (509) 990-7653 in WA or (208) 699-7390 in Idaho.  Please use the contact link above to send an email.

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