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USDA and B of A – a Bank of America Epic Fail

I’ve had a couple of weeks to cool down about this, but still makes my blood boil.  Was a truly epic fail on the part of Bank of America when handling one of our recent short sales.

Bank of America informed us that an internal control had been ignored or overlooked in our transaction, and that in fact, they didn’t have authority to negotiate on this type of file (USDA), and they were very sorry.

Uh, What?

We were instructed to resubmit our offer to a new department and start over.

Being a highly systematic person, we asked, “How can we prevent such a fiasco in the future?” to which we were told,

“It’s not your [The Spokane Home Guy Group’s] mistake, we [Bank of America] should have caught it the first time you gave us the file…”


Needless to say we got the file fast tracked and on it’s way again, but those are the days of our lives when working with short sales.

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