Timing the market, when to sell, when not to sell.

    I just read an interesting blog, discussing the appropriate time of year to list and sell your home.

    While I’m not overly familiar with the Georgia market, I can make a valid argument for listing during the winter in the Spokane / Coeur d’Alene markets.

    Take a look at the Active listing graph for 2010 (below)

    Spokane Homes For Sale in Spokane WA
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    As you can see, active listings sharply decline from September through December, and begin inclining slowly beginning in January.  The next graph shows closed sales for the same time periods.

    Closed Home Sales Spokane WA, Spokane WA Closed Home Sales
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    Overall, the trends for the sales remain strong through October-November and sharply drop off prior to the Holidays.  Generally, homes are STILL SELLING, albeit 50% of the units during the winter months.

    My advice to sellers (who are serious about selling their homes), is to remain listed, or LIST during the winter months if they need to sell.  There are lots of arguments:

    “Nobody looks in the winter.”


    “I don’t want to deal with showing my house in the snow.”

    I don’t buy it.  September through December 2010 – 1,236 people were LOOKING at homes and BOUGHT homes.  I’d also like to point out a small principle.  Out of 4,250 total sales for 2010, approximately 29% of all transactions happen between September and year end, even more so if you consider the first quarter of the year.

    My advice is, if you have to sell – you price for the market of the moment and you’ll sell.

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