The Art of Selling

    Selling Real Estate isn’t what it used to be.  During hot markets many homes can sell themselves.  I’ve had clients tell me of markets in other states, where before the sign hit the yard – multiple offers were already presented, many times accepted.

    Spokane & Coeur d’Alene aren’t like that – at least right now.  The market is not slow, but you need a profound understanding of your competition, past sales and you need to get showings.  When houses don’t move as fast, people look at more, have a larger selection and are more selective when purchasing. 

    Making sure a property is priced appropriately is another factor.  Asking too much and you won’t get the showings you need to sell the home, ask too little and you’ll leave money on the table.  I usually suggest 1-2% under market for a faster sell, closer to market average for average market times.

    Let me know if you have any questions – or would like to see how I market and price properties.  I love this stuff!

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