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    That's what neighbors are for?

    I’ve been seeing a lot more of this.

    One, two, maybe three foreclosures or abandoned short sales sitting on a block.  Yards up to my waste, weeds, remnants of what they couldn’t grab while they dashed out in the night….and concerned neighors looking out, disgusted and fed up.

    Typically when a property is taken over by the bank – some maintenance begins, but here in Washington the process takes up to 6 months – what happens in the interim?  Usually the neighbors step in…

    I’ve visited two developments recently int he Spokane Valley where fed up neighbors have teamed up and taken to the streets weeding, trimming, watering and making the home presentable.  Afterall – everyone on the block has a vested interest in how that homes represents their PUD.

    One neighborhood in particular spent a good deal of money.  Installing top-soil, sod and some bushes to fully landscape the yard.  The property was purchased from a builder without the front lawn installed, and was lost to the bank with little or no landscaping done.  It was a real eye-sore for those who lived up and down the block, and well wirth the small investment a half dozen homes made.

    Money has been allocated to many states for these problems. In some developments as many as 5% of homes are in foreclosure.  When their lawns and exteriors become unruly jungles – the problem can perpetuate creating less desireabilty for surrounding homes.

    Now I walk a fine, thin line when I discuss this topic.  I have to be careful not to advocate trespass :), these properties are the property of the respective owner, trustee or bank – so proceed at your own comfort level. Severely overgrown lawns can be taken up with local authorities who will clean up the property and levy a lien on the property for adequate compensation.

    Do you have an unruly jungle or jungles in your neighborhood?  Let us know!

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