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    I get this question a lot (especially when selling rental units) – “How can I tell if the tenants have had police calls or possible drug issues.” Typically we discuss the matter with the seller, but obviously an independant verification is more desireable. I did some calling around today to determine how one would go about reviewing archived (public) information regarding a specific address and date range. Turns out – there’s a pretty simple way to get your hands on the information.

    All it takes is an email (yep – that simple, and I’ll post the information below), you request the CADLOGS for the address and specified date range. They will present you the information which is all the Police Calls in which the specific address appears. You can then review for reports (and pull those seperately) or just know what you’re getting into with a specific tenant or property. Very useful.

    [For City of Spokane Only]
    To request CADLOGS of your own. You can submit a request to Police Records for that information. Their email address is spdrecordsinforequest@spokanepolice.org Just tell them you are requesting the CADLOGS for the specific address of the residence. You will also need to give them a time frame that you would like the search to cover. CADLOGS will provide you with any calls for service that occurred at that address. Presto! Please note that reports are subject to review, copying fees ($.90 first page/$.30 subsequent pages) and can take up to 90 days to receive in some cases.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    PS> If you have your own method – Please Share!

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