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Spokane Homes with a Shop

Looking for a Spokane Home The Inland Northwest is recreational enthusiast’s dreamland.  Dozens of lakes, a handful of ski resorts and thousands of acres of varied terrain make Spokane to some of the hardest playing people in the country.  Needless to say many Spokane residents collect their fair share of “toys.” This is why many people look for Spokane Homes with a Shop to store all of their belongings.

Proper storage of our recreational equipment can be a challenge sometimes; however, many Spokane residents elect to purchase a home with a shop to avoid costly shop rental fees elsewhere.

A home for sale with a shop is quite commonplace in many price points, and is highly desired by many searching for homes.  It’s safe to say that a home for sale with a shop in Spokane sells faster and for more money than a home for sale without a shop.

We’ve put together a list of homes in Spokane with a  Shop in a few key price points. Please scroll all the way down for your desired price point, or click the links below to modify your search criteria.

Spokane Homes with a Shop under $200,000

Link: Spokane Homes with a Shop Under $200,000

Spokane Homes With A Shop $200,001-$400,000

Link: Spokane Homes with a Shop between $200,001 and $400,000

Spokane Homes with a Shop over $400,000

Link: Spokane Homes with a Shop over $400,000

Shops come in many different shapes and sizes.  The most common kind of shop is a Pole Building.  A pole building consists of ten or twelve foot spaced posts (or “poles”) cemented into the ground.  This is in lieu of a traditional foundation.

Once cemented, the posts are secured laterally with girder framework between the posts, and engineered trusses are placed atop the posts.

Pole Shops are usually sided with various gauges of tin or steel siding, and the interiors can be finished in a variety of fashions.

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