Six Reasons Homes Do Not Sell

    There are six reasons why a home that is “For Sale” will or will not be sold. It is critical to give consideration to each of these factors when marketing a property.


    1) PRICE:
    A home that is priced correctly will attract the greatest number of buyers. Since there is a direct correlation between the number of potential buyers who view a residence and its final sales price, properties that are priced competitively generate the largest possible net profits for the seller.
    If you are considering the sale of a residence or investment property, please give serious thought to pricing it correctly. To determine the best possible asking price, contact me and I’ll provide a free, no commitment necessary price evaluation of your home.

    2) TERMS:
    The financing available to a buyer often determines the value of a property. A home that offers a minimal down payment and/or low monthly payments often sells quickly and for a premium price.

    When conventional sources of home loans provide low interest rates, a home seller can have little or no involvement with the terms being offered. The one exception to this rule is when a home is in a market segment that attracts buyers who are working with a minimal initial cash investment. When the majority of buyers for a particular home have minimal resources, the seller can market more quickly, and for a better price, by carrying back secondary financing and/or offering to help the buyer with closing and other costs.

    In a marketplace where interest rates are high, home sellers must provide advantageous terms to potential buyers. Under these circumstances, a home seller can encourage buyer interest by making available attractive owner carry financing, by offering to buy down the interest rate for a purchaser or by finding some other method of making the buyer’s monthly payments more affordable.

    The condition of a home is nearly as important as are the asking price and the terms being offered. Homebuyers purchase properties as much on their emotional appeal as on any other single factor.

    Home sellers who are willing to make their residences sparkle receive a greater net profit and sell their properties more quickly.
    To learn more about making your home as appealing as possible, contact me and I’ll walk through your home and give you tips on staging and preparing your home for top dollar sale.

    4) LOCATION:
    A property’s value is, in part, determined by its surroundings. Homes in great locations sell for higher prices and more quickly.
    Neither the Realtor nor the seller can control a home’s location. For this reason, location must be given serious consideration when pricing a house. Remember, the three most important factors when pricing a home are: location, location and location.

    The overall economic conditions in a home’s locale often determine the length of time it takes to sell and its final selling price.
    If economic times are difficult, supply and demand must be given consideration when preparing a home for the market and when pricing it. When local economies are suffering, the demand for homes goes down and the supply of homes goes up. Under these circumstances, the only properties that sell are those that are in excellent condition and are priced correctly.

    An agent’s marketing skills are critical to maximizing a seller’s net proceeds and to minimizing inconveniences.
    It is the agent’s responsibility to attract as many well-qualified buyers as possible into a seller’s home. The agent’s ability to accomplish this task will determine the size of the seller’s net proceeds check. For this reason, it is very important for a seller to choose an agent carefully. Hire only an agent who has an organized marketing plan.

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