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Personal property in Real Estate Transactions

coke machineIt’s bound to happen. A nice shiny piece of personal property catches the eye of a potential buyer and they HAVE TO HAVE IT.  I’ve written more personal property in my deals this year than any other year, and this could be because sellers are ever more slim on their bottom line, and as one buyer put it… “I need to have my pound of flesh.”

How does personal property affect the deal?

Personal property has a huge impact from a lender’s perspective.  They only want to loan money on real property and omit that personal property.  Most lenders don’t even like to see personal property listed on the purchase and sale agreement, the parties need to work out their arrangements after closing.

Lenders are usually okay with fridges, stoves, dishwashers and the like, but when we start talking couches, collector items, and larger ticket items, they do not want to see them on the contract and will require the items to be removed.

Seller concessions of personal property are here to stay for now, but you need to be careful how you write it up and what’s included.  Having an experienced agent to guide you through the process is key, but also working out the details with your mortgage lender will prevent fire drills late in the game on a transaction.  A little forethought bout all involved can save the deal in the 11th hour.

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