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On interviewing agents; Interview with purpose.

spokane-real-estate-agentWorking with buyers and sellers all day is very rewarding work.  Often when lamenting  of the day with old friends, I’m asked:

“What is the single best piece of advice you can give me a bout Real Estate.”

It’s a great question… Where to start, right?

I think my single best piece of advice I can give someone intending on entering a relationship with an agent (specifically when selling a home), is to interview with purpose.

When you hire an employee you select the employee based on which one has the best set of skills necessary to complete the job description.  Hiring an agent is no different.  In this case, the “job,” is selling your property.

I’m confused when I talk to people who are interviewing agents who’s deciding factor is “I didn’t like his price [meaning the market value the agent put on the home].”  Don’t get me wrong, if one agent is significantly off base, that’s one thing.   But if two or three agents are in one range and another is much higher, someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Back to interviewing with purpose.

You’re interviewing to find the best agent for the job, if you keep interviewing until you hear what you want and need to hear (which you can do), you’re setting yourself, and that agent up failure.

After all, why hire a professional?  I mean, if three doctors told you that you had cancer, would you keep interviewing until you found the least qualified, most un-knowledgeable doctor to tell you that, nope in fact you don’t have cancer?

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