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    Ode to paint, the make up that helps any house feel pretty

    Oh painting, one of the most feared, put off, and downright obnoxious tasks that are associated with the upkeep of a home.  Paint plays two important roles on your home’s surface.  First, it is the “face” of your home. If we were to get technical the true “face” of your home would be the frame, siding, accents, windows, and sills and so on.

    I have just talked myself out of the idea that the paint is your home’s face.  It is more like make up, only its really worth the money.   It is what makes your home yours, what makes it beautiful.

    In addition to making your home beautiful, it also protects the siding. The sun is your homes own childhood bully.

    Hey siding you’re rotting away.

    What up siding, just wanted to let you know you’re ugly

    Dear Siding prepare for doom, and a crispy baked exterior.

    Maybe it’s not entirely accurate but hopefully you get our point. This will happen each and every day unless your walls have knight in water based latex!  Enter Super Paint, Spider Paint, Iron Paint, or any other play on classic superheroes you’d like to imagine.  The sun tries to bake your siding, and the paint protects it.

    Since paint is the unsung hero, we thought we’d offer some advice on how to make your next project a little less messy. HERE WE GO!

    Tip #1:  If you’re using multiple brushes for a painting project, it can become difficult to keep the brushes free of Klingons while not in use.  Some people lay the brushes across the rim of the can, it’s a trap.  You’ll learn why in a few minutes.  Next time you’re doing this, set your paint can on a paper plate.  Come to your project prepared with 3 small fridge magnets and stick them to the side of your paint receptacle.  The brush will now be able to hang on the side of the can.  Now, when a brush isn’t in use, it is in the queue waiting for its moment to shine, not wreaking havoc on your beautiful floor!

    Tip #2: During a painting project, next to sand in your shorts or a severed finger, hand, arm, or torso the next most frustrating occurrence is the “paint pool” that likes to hang out on top of the can when the lid is off.  The pool is there, waiting, festering; hoping for its chance to drip down your paint can, get all over your hands, and overall remind you why you didn’t want to paint your house in the first place!  Before you begin, punch small holes in the rim of the can.  For the lack of a scientific standard, we will go with the clock method.  2, 4, 6, 8, 10 seem to work the best.  With these holes punched in the rim, the “paint pool” has an easy outlet back to its home where it can anxiously await its chance to make a happy little cloud.

    Do you enjoy cleaning rollers after you finish a painting project?  Great, neither do we and that is why we clean our rollers using good old fashioned 120v drill grease (instead of the more widely known elbow grease).  Using a paint mixing attachment for a drill, you’ll want to fit it into the roller and attach it to your drill.  Once all is secure and you are ready to leveraging gravity you will want to place the drill roller side down into a waste bin lined with newspapers.  Let er’ rip, and watch that paint fly. Easy Peasy, Brandon marchand Spokane Home Guy Squeasy”

    Stay tuned, next week offer some great professional advice on what color houses sell the most?

    How a homeowner goes about choosing a color palette.

    Why your lime green and pink room is NEVER a good idea. EVER. 

     As always, if you need anything in your quest for the perfect home, or just want to prove us wrong, please leave a comment we love to get to know our readers.

     The Spokane Home Guy Group

    P.S. there are 3 references in the post to some favorite TV shows of The Spokane Home Guy’s director of evangelism. There will be a blog coming up where he decides to show his face.  If you can properly identify the 3 references, there will be a prize that is so cool we haven’t thought of it yet. Suggest one after leaving the references in the comments section.

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