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Multi-Units in Spokane, Coeur D’Alene & Post Falls

I’ve been watching the multi-units in the Spokane–Coeur D’Alene area for almost a year now and have been tracking the ups and downs of the rents, interest rates and estimated nets after mortgage, insurance and taxes.

I’ve found it surprising that there are actually quite a few properties that when only considering rents vs. debt service – there is often $100-$300 positive on many of them.  Some of them with Cap Rates (capital return rate – i.e. how much of your investment is returned each year) of 9% and Cash on Cash (your rate of return on the cash invested) of 5-20% depending on the terms.

I keep up this spreadsheet on a weekly-biweekly basis depending on how many properties are available – if you’d like to receive a copy – please contact me.

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