Listing Maintenance Day!

    shg_signI was up early and out the door determined to take care of some necessary business on some listings in Lincoln County before the big weekend. You see, the Labor Day weekend is upon us and having the Lake lots in tip top shape was a priority.

    I try to make everything an adventure (not that I have to – I love my job…), but for the heck of it – I always try to take different routes or gain different perspectives on different areas (esp. Lincoln County – it’s a VAST county).

    My first stop was out to the Lake Roosevelt Real Estate in Seven Bays, I needed to place some signage for campers and boaters who use the bay. The properties have walk / 4 wheeler access to the 1310 line (National Forrest/ National Park line) with access to the water. Hikers, Campers & Boaters often venture up the trails and I found it effective to have signage and a handy “info tube” ready for them to pull information on the property.

    I noted the temperature was predicted to reach 80 degrees by 5 O’clock. It was shortly after 10 and it was 86 degrees in Seven Bays.

    Making great time I sped down Miles Creston to catch Highway 25, through Fort Spokane and onto the reservation. I spent some time at the Fruitland lots at the Encampment at Enterprise, 6 lots with views (again, walking access to the 1310 line – I was checking on my flyers and taking some updated pictures – very nice day for it).

    I didn’t spend much time (I was getting hungry) and was really looking forward for my drive through the reservation (a cutoff on US & BIA highways between Highway 25 and Highway 231). I’ve never been through these areas before and naturally my cell phone lost service the second the territory became unfamiliar.

    I drove for miles and miles without seeing a soul. Occasionally a random person on a bike strolling leisurley along in the middle of nowhere or a resrvation fire truck making some rounds. Beautiful country – great swim spots, high mountain terrain and acres of timber.

    I made it to Highway 231 in under an hour (much better time than travelling Highway 25 to Highway 2 then back up 231 out of Reardan.

    damdamI was excited to check on these last two lots, between two dams – the Little Falls and the Long Lake dam. Approximately 6 miles lies inbetween these two dams and the water is deep and wide there on the river. Owners in here have the rare luxury of having a nearly private river to themselves. Water skiing and fishing in the scarcely inhabited region between the dams. Truly a gem. (It’s for sale you know ūüôā all 20 acres! [Call me for info]).

    It was a great time, almost hard to call it work, but someone’s got to do it!

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