Is Twitter a useful tool?

    Okay, I’ve officially jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.

    At first I thought it was useless nonsense.  I mean – how much can you fit into 140 characters.  Then I got to thinking.  Sometimes the best communications are short and concise (sorry for some of my previous rambling blog posts).  Staying in touch with a simple 140 characters says – “Hey! I’m doing this (thought you may want to know).”

    There’s also a huge social network behind it all too.  For instance.  On Cinco-de-Mayo I was looking for some fun but didn’t want to jump from place to place.  I simply searched “Spokane Cinco de Mayo” on Twitter and found countless tweets saying “50 cent taco’s at XYZ’s,” my decision was easy.

    If you haven’t already – check me out on Twitter – I’m not that interesting, but you may find some useful information about you or your friends.

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