How's the Market?

    Like I do every few weeks, I stuck my little toe into Paragon and pulled some statistics.  This week I pulled the 150-250 price range for residential, site built properties the Spokane County area.  To my surprise – things seemed to be going quite well in this sector.

    Out of 2,332 listed since Jan 1, 2008 a surprising 1 in 3 has sold (1 in 5 expired) with an average time on market of 65 days.  Not too shabby!

    To further detail – the average price of those sold was $193,623, and the average price of the unsold properties was $201,492.  If you are a seller curious on whether you should price your property – under 200k seems to be the mark.

    The 150 to 250k range is pretty hot, and to make it hotter – price and PRESENT your property well and it will sell.  For information on other areas and price ranges please do not hesitate to contact me!

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