Get your fruit on!

    Mmmm Fruit!My wife and I are sure to make it to Green Bluff every year for Pumpkin Season (pick our pumpkin from the field – enjoy the GREAT BBQ and eat until we can’t walk), but rarely do we get out for the dozen other festivities.

    Tomorrow is the Cherry Pickers’ Trot.  Events include who can spit the pit the farthest, and a four mile run through Green Bluff’s orchard (maybe I’ll just eat the cherries and watch others run…).  If you can’t make it tomorrow, the Cherry Festival runs all this weekend.

    I’ve not been to the Cherry festival – yet, but have been to the upcoming Apple Festival (September every year), and it’s great fun.  If you aren’t doing anything this weekend, or plan on wasting the day away on the couch, get up and go see what’s going on at Green Bluff – it’s always a relaxing day and a great time.

    Click here for their full schedule of events.

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