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Four Tips to better Real Estate Photos

spokane real estate photosPhotos can be tricky.

I would compare my photo “knowledge” to that of “street smarts.” I’ve taken photos of hundreds of homes, I have certain ways I like to do things (some of those may make photo experts cringe),  most of what I’ve learned I’ve learned on the Streets.

My four real estate photo take aways:

1) Natural Light is important. I love natural light in my photos.  Being able to see the green grass through a [clean] window is awesome.  It gives the view a real feel for the room and the atmosphere it creates.  Shut-blinds or washed out windows just don’t do it for me.

2) Angle. This is really important.  How you show a room determines how much wall, ceiling and floor space is shown.  It can make the difference between a room looking small and a room looking huge, even if they are neither.  A simple kneel or elevation on a chair can make a world of difference.  I like to stand in a corner and show as MANY features of the room as possible in one angle, try from high or low too for different effects.

3) Details, Details, Details. Bluntly put – get crap out of the way.  A scrunched towel in a corner, fifteen shirts over the back of a chair waiting to be hung up, a cord for your coffee maker, etc.   Move them and doll up your picture.  You can stage for pictures only and make a room look 10x better by moving a few things for photos.  Take the picture, preview it in the view finder, identify things you can move and adjust to make the picture better.  An easy trick is to turn on the picture in the viewfinder, where does your eye immediately go?  If it’s a small object or defect (wrinkle in a comforter etc.) fix it, retake and repeat.

4) Strength in Numbers. Take a TON of pictures. I cannot stress this enough.  Professional photographers have people follow around and shoot pictures in addition to theirs.  The more pictures, the less likely you’ll need to retake, you can also use additional pictures to spruce up the listing down the road.

Photo Credit: Evil Erin

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