Foreclosure is the M.O. For Some Banks…

    For the sake of everything, the bank involved in this “scenario” will remain nameless.

    The Spokane Home Guy Group was recently involved in a listing presentation involving a property. After establishing fair market value, we had the tough conversation with our sellers and explained the implications and process of a Short Sale. The property simply could not be sold at a price that would net the seller anywhere near what they owed on the property.

    Not quite wanting to accept the weight of a short sale [just yet], we decided to meet again in a week to discuss the matter and sign the required paperwork, if the seller chose the Short Sale path. During that time the seller began discussing their options with the bank.

    Their response left us dumbstruck.

    Unable to refinance (because of obvious appraisal issues), the seller proposed a rate reduction from a really high rate down closer to today’s average rates. This way, the seller could remain in the home, afford payments and keep paying the loan as agreed.

    “We would rather you stop making payments.”

    Having always been in good standing with all their debts, needless to say, our client was floored.

    “What do I do when you [the bank] start calling me to collect,” asked the Client?

    “Hang up on us,” the bank responded.

    Something doesn’t seem right about this…

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