Downtown Spokane Condo Shells

    A few months ago I had an opportunity to walk through some Downtown Spokane Condo shells (unfinished condos that the end user or developer custom finishes).  While I was intrigued, I haven’t seen a ton of demand over the past few months.

    Downtown condos are a great idea.  Life downtown all the attractions, restaurants, events all a quick stroll away.  Many have secured access to the common areas so security is high, parking is usually covered in a large garage and the number one bonus – no yard work.

    One of the main cavaets I’ve seen is that pet owners typically have problems with large animals (large breed dogs etc.), but typically there are small common grassy areas to do your pet’s business.

    My two favorite condo projects are the 809 W. Main (just west of P.F. Changs and across from Nordstroms.  I walked through these units and my oh my.  Huge shell condos, great views of downtown, secure access, great parking and so many great features there simply isn’t space like this available anywhere else.

    My second favorite is the Iron Bridge condos.  They haven’t seemed to catch on but they are beautiful waterfront condos in the U district, and heck, they’re walking distance to the Northern Lights Brewery!

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