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    3 SmartPhone Tips; Not Just for REALTORS

    By Admin | February 8, 2012

    It’s 2012 and there are 500 ways to send me a message… okay not 500 ways but ALOT. You’ve got Phone, Text, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, any number of social platforms all of which push notifications to my smartphone.  If one isn’t careful they can become overwhelmed with the blip-beep-boop’s and distracted from what’s really important.... Read More

    On interviewing agents; Interview with purpose.

    By Admin | January 27, 2012

    Working with buyers and sellers all day is very rewarding work.  Often when lamenting  of the day with old friends, I’m asked: “What is the single best piece of advice you can give me a bout Real Estate.” It’s a great question… Where to start, right? I think my single best piece of advice I... Read More

    3 Garage Staging Tips

    By Admin | November 4, 2011

    Because garages need love too. Garages can be tricky.  This often overlooked catch all space can mean the difference between a sale and no sale.  I’ve seen it happen. Garages, just like bedrooms need to be staged. A garage space used as a catch all space and full of clutter tells the buyer that there... Read More

    Cut down on winter heat bills

    By Admin | November 2, 2011

    A few years ago, I took the Energy Hog Challenge.  I followed most things in their checklist to a “T.”  to my surprise, we had a fairly significant savings to the tune of $20 to $30 per month. Some of the tasks with the most impact (in my opinion and observation) were changing out the... Read More

    3 Winterizing tips you may not know.

    By Admin | October 31, 2011

    Winterizing your home can be a painstaking task, but let me tell you, not winterizing your home is worse. The Spokane area starts getting freezing temperatures in late October, but a prudent home owner will want to have winterization well under way prior to any cold temperatures. Here are our three often over looked winterizing... Read More

    3 Essential Land Buying Tips

    By Admin | October 28, 2011

    Call me strange, but I think land ownership is the coolest thing. Having space around you, dirt, freedom, air. It’s hard to explain. But it’s not all peas and carrots, you need to be careful when buying land. One might think that the absence of a structure means no inspections are necessary, but it’s quite... Read More

    5 Tips to moving success

    By Admin | October 26, 2011

    Let’s face it.  Moving sucks. But it’s  a time to start anew, to start fresh in a new place.  It’s a time to cleanse. Many of us cleanse our bodies, drinking chalky or powdery substances to forcefully rid our bodies of toxins, things weighing us down… “junk” in our systems.   Chemically, we can be at balance as... Read More

    Four Tips to better Real Estate Photos

    By Admin | October 21, 2011

    Photos can be tricky. I would compare my photo “knowledge” to that of “street smarts.” I’ve taken photos of hundreds of homes, I have certain ways I like to do things (some of those may make photo experts cringe),  most of what I’ve learned I’ve learned on the Streets. My four real estate photo take... Read More

    Why what you think you know about home inspections may be wrong.

    By Admin | October 10, 2011

    You’ve just got an offer accepted on the home of your dreams. You’ve been advised to hire an inspector to look at the home, but most people don’t understand the true scope of a home inspector. Myth 1: Home Inspections are Code Inspections Generally speaking, a home inspection is NOT a code inspection and has... Read More

    Owner Financing – 5 things you should know.

    By Admin | October 5, 2011

    One of the more common financing methods in the down market is owner financing. Typically an Owner Finance option is available to sellers who own the property free and clear, or sellers who have banks allowing a seller financed wrap on the existing mortgage, the former is usually the case though. The interest rate is... Read More

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