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Bok Bok – The scoop on Chickens in the Spokane Valley

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Chickens are all the rage these days.  The “Chicken Question” rears it’s [ahem] beak quite frequently during the home buying process.

Each municipality has it’s own rules and regulations on domesticated and undomesticated animals.  These two classifications even include various sub-classifications such as small or large.  Depending on what municipality you are researching, you will have to find how they classify Chickens.  Most seem to be adopting fairly consistent rules, but it is critical to review them all.

The Spokane Valley’s Municipal Code on “Animal Raising and Keeping” states:

– Your lot size must exceed 40,000 square feet

– You may have up to 1 chicken per 2,000 square feet (no more than 25)

– NO Roosters

– There are various rules as to placement of the coop you will want to review thoroughly here.

Be careful, just because you live in the Spokane Valley on a lot larger than 40,000 square feet does not automatically mean you can go into the chicken business.  Many neighborhoods have protective CC&Rs that will restrict your ability to raise certain farm animals.  When conflicting rules affect a property the more restrictive rule usually governs.

You can get a copy of any restrictive CC&R’s from the customer service branch of your local title company.


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