Auctions for those hard to sell houses.

    I had the opportunity to speak with an entreprenur in the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene area regarding a unique business he runs nationally.  He runs Real Estate Auctions for homes that need to have a guaranteed sell – fast.

    Their most current auction is in Idaho, over on Colfax street (Dalton Gardens) and opening bid starts at $50,000.  The bidding is expected to end at a competitive price point upwards of 300-400k  The home has previously been listed for much more.

    Real Estate Auctions are a unique idea and buyers and sellers can (and should be) represented by a competant Agent to help determine bids (based on comps) and to facilitate the process.

    For more information on Auctions in the Spokane & Coeur d’Alene area – please contact me!

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