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    Appliances or No Appliances? Should you keep or leave them in a Short Sale

    I get this question a lot: “Since I’m short selling my house and not making any proceeds, can I keep my appliances?”

    The answer is yes, you can keep and even sell your appliances, however some (most) houses sell much better with appliances than without. If you need the money to feed your family, by all means, feed your family. In most price ranges in Spokane, home buyers barely have enough saved to pay their down payment, buying appliances can sometimes be a deal breaker for them.

    Whenever possible, leave the appliances or take what you need to use in your next dwelling, appliances are so important to the sale that even banks are installing appliances in bank owned properties prior to marketing them for sale.


    3 Responses to “Appliances or No Appliances? Should you keep or leave them in a Short Sale”

    • fergusonsarah

      Written on

      I see this as being a potential tool that if used effectively, could help to minimize this group think.

    • LauLau81

      Written on

      I think house for sale which is semi or fully furnished is easy to sell compared to bear house…

    • Alice79

      Written on

      I think this kind of house is not easy to sell..Thank you for sharing this to us..

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