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5 Tips to moving success

spokane movingLet’s face it.  Moving sucks.

But it’s  a time to start anew, to start fresh in a new place.  It’s a time to cleanse.

Many of us cleanse our bodies, drinking chalky or powdery substances to forcefully rid our bodies of toxins, things weighing us down… “junk” in our systems.   Chemically, we can be at balance as smooth moving machine (pun intended).

But what about our physical lives, the things we own, the “junk” clogging our homes, our minds and our space.  A cleanse is necessary even in your home; and I’m not talking anti-bacterial… I’m talking “junk.”

If you’re like me, you probably have boxes from last time you moved still stowed away for that someday I might need that or in the next house I’ll put up this plate that grandma gave me, or… you get it.

Moving should be about starting anew, not bringing with you the old crap from before and there are a few things you can do to ensure your life in your new home isn’t clogged with junk.

  1. Piles – I’m huge on piles.  Make three main piles (you may need more).  Pile One should be stuff you are donating or giving away to friends, this is fun to give your junk away.  Pile Two should be garbage, honestly should be your largest pile.  Pile Three should be stuff you are taking with you.  A fourth pile can be made for sale items, but I prefer to reward my movers with free stuff.
  2. Buy small boxes – Small boxes are less likely to get full of stuff to the point where a grown man cannot lift them without a hernia.  Smaller boxes are also more topical and less likely to be come catch-all boxes.
  3. Clear an area – near the door and put all of your boxes and small items in this area so they can be quickly loaded for the move, this will also help you visualize what you have and you can further cleanse your home.  Your moving help will also thank you for having an easy route to pack your belongings into a truck.
  4. Save your blankets – pile all of your sheets, comforters and blankets in a spare room. You will need them when moving your furniture.
  5. Label boxes for the new home – this will avoid confusion for your movers.  When you reach the destination, show everyone the rooms and the boxes will be labeled accordingly.  Time asking questions that can be easily avoided is time that is wasted.
Moving is stressful, but it should be exhilarating and liberating.  Stuff isn’t important, you don’t need as much as you think.
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