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3 SmartPhone Tips; Not Just for REALTORS

It’s 2012 and there are 500 ways to send me a message… okay not 500 ways but ALOT.

You’ve got Phone, Text, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, any number of social platforms all of which push notifications to my smartphone.  If one isn’t careful they can become overwhelmed with the blip-beep-boop’s and distracted from what’s really important.

I’ve done a few tweaks to my smartphone (iPhone 4) to optimize my time and attention.

The Beep-Bop-Boops: I’ve turned off all of my notifications except text.  Email notifications are not necessary.  A constant back and forth dialog is not expected by email and it’s reasonable to allow a short amount of time to respond.  Text on the other hand is a rapid response mode of communication (in my opinion), when convenient and appropriate one can respond quickly to text messages.

When Setting Your Phone Down: Always place your phone face down.  Even though you have a lock screen, text, email and transcribed voice mails pop up on your screen.  If you are talking to someone it can distract you and if you’re away from your phone potentially private or embarrassing information can be displayed for all around to read.

Turn sounds off when working: REALTORS this means prospecting, others whatever requires your 100% attention.  Recent studies show that constant task switching is non-productive, minimize distractions and do what is important at the time it is important and move on.   Lots and Lots of business was conducted before smart phones, they aren’t a necessary part of every-minute of every day.
Photo Credit: Stuart Frisby

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  • The last tip is what most people forget. I don’t know if they do it on purpose – to let others hear the ring tone they have on their phone. People should always keep their phones on silent mode at work.

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