100% Financing: Harder to get than you think.

    Just recently I heard that most conventional 100% financing options are gone (for the time being).  There are still options to go 100% financed with FHA or VA (with VA probably being one of the best options).   What does this mean to sellers?

    Offering FHA is a GREAT option when selling your home – if it qualifies.  The buyer pool for FHA loans is growing more and more every day.  FHA still has some legal gift programs such as Neamiah where sellers can gift funds to help buyers get into homes easier with less down.  For the conventional buyer – you’re going to need a down payment.

    Why is this happening?  The banks can write the notes, but they can’t get their Privat Mortgage Insurance to cover the loan, which is why FHA and VA can still do it – they are government backed loan programs which aren’t affected by the PMI issues. 

    For more information – I’d be happy to put you in touch with my lender, give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll discuss it! 

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